Heart And Music Podcast

For the last 12 (twelve) years we have produced a Podcast as a way to  inform our audience, as well as to promote arts of different types.  
Our main focus is the forms of arts which are not highlighted by the main-stream midea and which nonetheless represent an example of creativity artistry and a desire to express ideas in whichever manner an artist’s heart may wish it.
Heart-and-music radio, as our podcast is called, is one of our most serious attempt to reach the minds and hearts of those who value arts for what they are; a voice that wants to be heard.
We wil keep you informed of the most recent productions but, in the meantime, you may listen or download prior editions by adding this link into your favorite Pod-catcher:
Naturally, we are opened to new ideas as well as critisisms that may help us improve.
Write to us at suggestions@heart-and-music.com.
You may also call us during business hours (8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. MST) at (720) 724-8877.